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Originally Posted by InsaneMystic View Post
"Funnily" enough, these folks actually are often very scalding of sexual people in general, yep, and will hold it against you if you say can't live without sex. (Also, usually disliking heterosexuals as much as homo, bi, pan, whathaveyou... so "calling heteros out for homophobia" doesn't happen too much from them - they're "equal opportunity haters" on that front. ) IMO, the word "sexophobic" is quite fitting; a more common word is antisexuals (and yup, they can be quite as rabid as that label suggests, while actually wearing it as a badge of pride... if you ever want to see slut shaming at its "best", just watch an antisexual shift into high-gear and start a rant. )
I'm grateful I haven't encountered that. Surely they must realise that without a significant portion of the population being sexual, there would be no human race. I guess that's not such a bad thing, from the point of view of the planet... but still. At the very least, they owe their existence to the fact that their parents were not asexual.

But, haters gonna hate. I'm inferring that people like that probably have a lot of hatred for a lot of people, not just sexuals but pretty much anyone unlike them. I haven't met many people who are closed minded on only a single issue. Most people are either open or closed minded in general, and tend to paint with a broad brush either way.

Oh well. The world would be a fairly boring place if everyone just got along all the time. Where's the adventure in that?
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