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I completely agree with the hormonal and overly emotional thing. I totally know that is a part of it. And when I started having issues with this back in October it should have been ended then. But he continued and now he keeps saying she's a human being, I can't just throw her away, she has feelings. And I say back, but I am a human being as well, don't my feelings count?

It doesn't help she has a host of issues herself. He worries she's going to hurt herself if he leaves, and I say well is it smart to have someone in your life that is unstable. Its all a game, she's using her anxiety and depression issues as a way of keeping him on.

I just want it all to end, but he won't do it, and I'm going to look like the bitch and she's going to spread it all over to people we know and I'm going to be the outcast because of it.

One issue that has come to light lately is Sundays. I have been having a lot of issues sleeping being pregnant and I really need him to be home Sunday evenings to come to bed with me so I am not pissed that he is with her. She is calling me selfish for not sharing Sundays, but my Monday morning alarm clock goes off at 530am for work. Her rational is that she has a late start on Monday so she thinks its a perfect night for him to be over. I don't know how to make her realize that she is not entitled to him whenever she wants him. She is a secondary, he has priorities that he has to put first. But apparently I am the bad person for needing MY husband.
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