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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Pregnant. Hormonal. Emotional.
And a competitive metamour with a man who avoids responsibility.
Bad combo.

My advice-from experience is-ignore her existence. Do whatever u must-including planning overnights with a friend whenever he has plans if necessary.

The probability that she will "outgrow" him in a year or two is very high.

Boring-I know. was just saying-cant see how any who find your posts abrasive could reasonably disagree with this one.
Oh I understood that. I just wanted to put in the disclaimer myself.

I thought about it more and I agree that even though a pregnant person doesn't need this "aggravation", OP you ARE probably hyper-sensitive to a lot of things and over-react easier than you normally would. That said, many would agree that this is not the best time to be "adding people to your relationship", as it were. If you think it's difficult and complex now, wait until you have twins sucking on your boobs.
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