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Default And many more to come

It's great to think on things as long as you keep a positive thinking pattern, unlike my self I tend to poison my thoughts, so I personally am working on the positive thinking..

Ahh how did he cope, it wasn't easy he says, he said that he had to better time manage, fool his mind a bit, and positively know I was returning to him and am always with him.. Our situation is unique not like most here on the sight, and were still working on it.. I have been poly now 3 years.. because I have outside relation ships with females granted I've only had 2 in the three years. I guess you can say I'm selective in whom I want to share my time and energy with.. But I do have a great support system with several poly friends.. And maybe that's another thing you should look at too local poly folks to make friends with to also help you through some of the issues you may have .. I know a lot of my mono friends look at me like I have a third eye when I want to discuss my relationship with a female versus with the relationship with my spouse..

Keep me up to date on how your Doing!
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