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OK, BoringGuy, I went back and read the response I had to the previous post and while maybe there are a few questions I didn't answer, I am not quite sure what more you want to know. So ask away. I haven't taken any offense to your post. I am here to try and find a solution to this.

Do I think he will leave me for her? I guess in the back of my mind that is a fear. But he is 42, I am 33 and she is 20. He and I have been together over 5 years now. I know that is not that long in terms of things but we have built a life together. I am expecting twins this summer. We have a house. And while I have been through a divorce myself before and know nothing cements a relationship forever, we felt strong going into this. He has also multiple times told me he is not going to leave me for her. And while I do think I believe him, I guess it's still a thought in the back of my mind.'

Bad gut feeling? I guess that is part of it. I really thought I would be ok with this. But the whole situation with this girl has just gone from bad to worse. I keep begging him to end it and he says he won't. I tell him I am unhappy with it and his response is well I will be unhappy if it ends. I don't want him to be unhappy, but I think this whole thing is bad for our relationship and with things about to change for us, I really think we should be focusing on us being strong and happy as a family so these babies are brought into a loving home. What do I do to balance this? He's made it clear if he breaks it off I'll be happy and he'll be unhappy.

I can't say what she thinks on the basis that he is going to leave me for her. I have no idea what her thoughts are on that.

This afternoon, in yet another fight he and I had. He's now told me to end it for him. Which I think is a cop out for him to get out of ending it himself.

What do I do?
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