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Thanks Shrodingers Cat! It just seems like every time I join a group or whatever there is someone saying I don't belong. The story of my life.

I was in a childfree group and since my husband has a kids I was told I wasn't child free. Then the other issue I had was that I sometimes did want a baby, but, I am logical and know I SHOULD NOT have one. Because of this I was sorta shunned in that group.

I guess my deal here is that I am mainly in this because I want SEX. A lot of people might not like that. It is the truth in my case, I know it's not the only reason why people look for others outside of their relationships and become non-monogamous.

I do get a long great with the guys I am seeing. I do not plan on just hopping from one guy to another, I hope to "recycle" these for as long as I can. I can spend hours talking to them and I genuinely like their personalities. Am I in love with them? No, I'm not.

Also the point that I am keeping this from my husband (with his permission, because he wants it this way) might rub some polies wrong. I just really don't know! lol Blah!
At this time: open sexless marriage.

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