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I actually had the best Vday ever this year! It's also DH's bday and so we really don't do stuff much on the actual day. Shortest month of the year has my bday, DH's bday, our wedding anniversary, and DC's bday. Busy month! So we rarely pin down a specific day. Well DH took two days off, the kids had Fri. off too. So on his bday, no kids, I got up early to take them in, let him sleep in. Once he was up I had changed into something a little lacy and red and put on an apron, making him a lovely omelet for breakfast. We watched a show together just us, we had some private time, then went out and ate at the mall food court. (I could have my japanese and he could have pizza!) We window shopped, then picked up the kids. Spent the evening relaxing, private time, and getting DH a few things. Even upgraded his phone to a smart phone for him to geek out and play with! During the day I texted DC a couple of times to wish him a happy Vday and tell him I loved him. The next day, kids home, we went out that morning to run errands and had breakfast just the two of us and talked and had fun. He went to work out while the kids and I picked up their friend for a sleepover and they just HAD to get DH an icecream birthday cake. Stopped by the mall, got some jewelry on sale for the girls for Vday and the middle one and I each split a pair of earrings and got our right ear pierced up high. Then it was home, some sugar, some tv, some private time again and some sleep!

All in all it was about pampering DH and making sure he had a good bday this year and we all had a great time! Oh and DC was not feeling at all rejected as he was hoping we'd spend time together for DH's bday and he and I have chatted and texted the last few days. He doesn't really celebrate Vday anyway and when I say you don't have to get me anything, I mean it! So it was nice!
Me: Late 30s pansexual poly.
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