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Originally Posted by Valentine View Post
It's weird. I used to have no trouble dropping people like bad habits. I've broken off total contact with people I was involved with or just friends with for shit that's benign by comparison to all this. I haven't been in denial about any of the horrible things I've mentioned here... but I've had a hard time walking away. It's not getting easier.
Well, it wouldn't. It's a church, with people you say you trust now (wait until their next lapse in judgment -- they missed your ex high and wide!) and a message, I'm sure, of Love and Open Arms and All That Jazz What Hides the Fire and Brimstone. There are some charismatic charismatics out there, you know what I mean?

His wife is moving out of their house. He tried to kill himself last Tuesday.
I'm torn between "pity he failed" and "good, now he gets to live with his guilt". I don't take kindly to predators. Lock them away and throw the key into Mount Doom.

The ministers wrote him a note of support.

This church? This church needs to not be in your life. They cannot, in one breath, scold him for trying to prey on their youth group and in the next send him support. What would the young victim in all this say if she knew the ministers "wrote him a note of support"?
"I swear, if we live through this somebody's going to find their automatic shower preferences reprogrammed for ice water."

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