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Aphrodite, you seem to be looking for a monogamous D/s relationship. Since this is a board for polyamouous people, perhaps you'd be better served looking around Fetlife. There are hundreds of fora for chatting there about every aspect of BDSM, and every other fetish and perversion you can think of... perhaps pedophilia and snuff are the only fetishes not allowed to be publicly discussed there.

I am a switch and I know for a fact subs outnumber Doms about 100 to 1. It's much easier to sub than Dom, even though it may seem like more work and more pain. Domming/taking charge takes a lot of energy and thought, care and sensitivity. subbing is just doing as one is told. Easy!

Domming comes naturally to me, I am a born leader. I am good at it. Subbing is more fun and relaxing! Luckily I've got 2 switchy lovers.

Paid "Dominatrixes" are not true Dommes since they are merely fulfilling the fetishes of their customers.
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