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Default Dealing with jealousy?

I really thought I would be able to do this. But the further this whole thing goes between my husband and his girlfriend the less I like it.

Last night I let him sleep over. Which I hate! I feel so lonely and anxious when I know he's with her. He says he fell asleep early at her place, even though they were supposed to be going out. So I didn't get any texts from him all night. Part of our agreement is I am allowed to text him since he constantly texts her when we are together. At about 4am he finally texted me back. I was having a horrible time trying to sleep knowing he was with her. I tried calling him and he texted saying he wasn't going to take my call. I told him I just needed to talk to him for a minute and he called me. We just had random chat, but my goal was to try and calm myself down so I could sleep. By the end of the conversation I was in tears, but I managed to hide it since he's accused me of ruining his nights with her before because I get upset on the phone with him.

Fast forward to this morning, he comes home around 1pm. At 130pm I ask him to come up to bed and talk with me for a minute. I tell him I had a hard time with last night and I really don't know how to handle him not sleeping in bed with me every night. I asked him to not sleep over on Sunday night, because I just can't handle it. He agreed to sleep at home.

When I came downstairs, he was having a Facebook conversation with her about things. Which I couldn't see all of but it was obvious it was a fight. From what I saw, she called me selfish, unreasonable and that I play games to get him to spend less time with her. I am guilty of all this, probably. I am hating every minute he spends with her lately. We fight all the time over this and I have asked him multiple times to ease up or end it, cause its just not good for our relationship. He refuses every time.

How do people deal with jealousy? I really thought I would be OK with this. I think part of it is I just don't like who he's chosen, she and I don't get along and I have no desire to be around her. My husband keeps saying I just need to get along with her and everything will be OK, he almost keeps forcing it and I keep telling him to stop because its just making things worse for me.

Would I be better if I liked who he was dating? I totally think so, but he thinks I shouldn't get a say at all in who he chooses to be with outside of our relationship.
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