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Originally Posted by Boldly Go
It’s a privilege that many people have been denied
Yes, there are many privileges that are denied many people:
  • Cars
  • Abundant Personal Time
  • Entertainment Electronics
  • Multiple Lovers
  • Encouraging Families
  • Supportive Communities
  • Gainful Employment

What's the point? I'm not sure I understand what the author is saying outside of the fact that they're resentful of their employment situation.

So, cry about it or change it... you only get to pick one.

Originally Posted by Boldly Go
You shouldn’t have to justify your relationship choice via bigotry..
The author isn't hiding his racial vitriol very well.

Being pissed off at an ethnic group or class of people isn't a good reason for decision making in my opinion. I read through this heavy handed classist post and really took away from it a good guide on how to NOT come to a worldview.

Originally Posted by Boldly Go
polyamory is a perfect choice for a lot of abusers
Oh give me a break. Seriously?

Because someone is poly does not somehow change their responsibility to take care of themselves. If someone is being abusive it is the unfortunate responsibility of the abused to take care of that situation. It's tough, it can be scary, there can be a host of negative repercussions, but that's the way it is. There is exactly zero difference between the victims responsibility if they are mono or poly.

The assertion is that it somehow becomes the responsibility of the other persons lovers (if they have any at the time) to weed out abusers. It is? So that goes for friends and roommates too, right? If I am being abused it is now YOUR responsibility to take care of it because you are intimate in my life?

The answer is no, it's not your responsibility (I'm not talking about kids here, before that argument jumps up).

Originally Posted by Boldly Go
Not to mention, it becomes really hard to identify abusers when everyone’s boning them and no one seems to think about accountability
Honestly, this author is just angry. Thy sound like they got burned, is envious of other people to the EXTREME, and is coming to important decisions based on his heightened emotions.
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