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Originally Posted by trixlg View Post
I understand the poison that floods your brain. and I understand how you are feeling, although I am the one that is poly, and my husband mono. funny right, although I think he is more poly then my self.. He has logic.. I have emotions.. its hard..

I want to say it does gets better... and yes Trust.. ahh sweet trust.. that's where I have issues my self.. I trust him 100% its the others I won't trust. and It all do to how things were not treated the first go around, that's put a sour taste in my mouth and mind. Its a daily battle, and it will continue till you can accept the knowing right.. knowing he loves you, Knowing he will touch you like he has always, Knowing he is still there for you.. but accepting that yes he will have NRE that may take away from you.. and yes he may find some one that enhances who he is and makes him a better person but with out your help he wouldn't probably be at the place he is.. again its accepting and Knowing.

Question is are you okay with him being physically intimate with another? digg deep to make sure you are okay with it.
Love this post.

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