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Originally Posted by FluffyKitten View Post
He also told me that he's poly
Originally Posted by FluffyKitten View Post
About two days later he told me that if he had met me earlier than his boyfriend, we would be in a relationship now instead of him and B.
These two statements confuse me greatly. If he's poly he doesn't have to pick between you and B. It sounds to me that you are not the only person here who doesn't know what is going on.

Emm is right on:
Decide what it is you honestly want to get out of this
Communicate with the appropriate person(s)
Manage your expectations

Be not only honest in your communication, but precise:

"I love you and want this to go somewhere"

Is nowhere near as helpful as...

"I love you and want to be exclusive with you. I want this to have long term potential" (if that's true)
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