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Originally Posted by ConfusedPartner View Post
I did not sign up for a poly relationship...and I feel like I'm being manipulated into one.
Ordinarily I don't buy in to statements like this, but in this instance I'd agree with you. He's not being honest (with you) and doesn't sound like he plans on starting that trend any time soon.

In the end, you decide what kind of relationship you are in. Be honest with yourself when you are figuring this out. Do you not want to be in a more poly set-up because you weren't asked? Or is it against your fundamental worldview entirely, regardless of how it was presented? Once you feel like you have a handle on what you want then you get started on the task of deciding how to go about getting it.

Either way, if what you are saying is the unbiased truth, you both need to do a great amount of work on your communication skill set.
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