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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
So I got home from school yesterday, husband was already home from his work trip, gabbing on the phone because that's what he loves to do. When he finally gets off, he's like "So, you said not to get you anything for Valentine's, right?" Me: "Yeah." Him: "K. Cuz I didn't." Me: "Uhh, ok. So?" Him: "Well, I told that to Rae [his daughter] and she said 'It's a test! You'd better get her something, Dad!' but I was pretty sure you said not to, so I didn't." Me: "Yeah, that's fine." Him: "Ok good. Because you SAID don't get you anything, so I didn't."
lol. The very first year I was with my SO, somebody asked me if he was getting me a card and taking me out. I told them how much I loathe valentines day - the whole idea of choosing one person over all others and making a day about them annoys me - and said that he and I would not be seeing each other that day.

They replied with "So - if he really doesn't get you a card, will you be upset?"

It took about 5 mins of conversation for me to convince them that I wasn't joking or playing games with my SO - and that I would be quite annoyed with him if he did buy a card or a present for valentines day.

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