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Yesterday was a day filled with hope.

I spent much of it supporting a work colleague who is becoming a friend through a tough day. Also there were my colleague's family and some of her closest friends.

The day filled me with hope because there was so much love in it. My colleague was being loved, supported and helped by a group of people and none of them are romantically involved with her - she currently doesn't have a romantic partner.

I'm kind of committed in my life to not wanting to have romantic relationships be the focus. I enjoy them when they happen and am very much in love with my SO - he is so important to me.

But I don't want my relationship with him or any romances that may happen in the future to be the focus of my life.

And so it fills me with hope to see somebody so surrounded by love and care that isn't bound up with romance.

Tough day all round but ultimately a hopeful one.

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