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Default Relationship in crisis. Help

Hi all,
I need help.
I entered into a relationship with my partner more than a year ago with the understanding that it would be an open relationship...we would share adventures together, and group sex was not an issue.

Over the past month, my partner, who lives in another town, and whom I see only over the weekends, has developed a relationship with another woman. We had a threesome with her the first day I met her, and he never told me that he had slept with her before. He had, but when asked, he said no. After a blow up over that, I dropped it.

But since then, he has made sent signals that he wants us to be a poly househols. He has never actually talked to me about this and consulted me on whether this was ok with me. When I tried to bring it up, he went balisitc and said I wanted to control the situation. When I tried talking to him about this a second time, he reassured me that his relationship with her was not that important...that I was his focus.

Since then, he has suggested to her (in front of me), that she introduce us to her parents.

I am really confused. What should I do? I am afraid of asking for a group conversation again, because of how angry he was the last time. I am afraid of having a conversation with him in private because he says that I always complain and "make him pay" for having a good time and bringing adventure to our lives.

So confused. I did not sign up for a poly relationship...and I feel like I'm being manipulated into one.
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