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Frankly, with everyone having so much anxiety about holidays at the end of last year, I sort of thought there would be more threads like this.

My VD was just fine. Today, however, brought an interesting conversation with CBF (broke up with him on New Year's day, and we just ended our no-contact). Valentines came up and he was talking about how he thought about doing something for me, and then thought about that we did, ahem, break up, and then said he'd thought about getting me a card. I told him I was really glad he didn't. All the years we were together, all I wanted was a card. I pleaded, I explained, I cajoled. The first year, I got nothing. The second year, I got a cheap stuffed dog with a rose in it's mouth. Two years ago, I got the most stunning flowers I'd ever received. Last year I got a sapphire necklace (or maybe that was three and two years ago ~ I don't tell time very well). The point is, he improved.

So I told him that if he had, in fact, gotten me a card, AFTER we broke up, I would have been very angry. So I was really grateful to have no acknowledgement of it between us.
Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own...
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