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Originally Posted by InsaneMystic View Post
Well, I know there are folks who would immediately jump at the chance to "call you out for acephobia" and pull off their usual antics.
Eye roll indeed. That makes absolutely no sense at all. Do these same people "call out heteros for homophobia" just because they only want relationships with people of the opposite sex? Do they not get offended if sexual people call them "sexophobic"? They can't possibly believe that their asexuality is not a valid dealbreaker for someone who requires sex in a relationship?

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
No, it is not. A decision kills off all other possibilities. The root of the word "decide" is the same as homicide, suicide, patricide, etc. I prefer to make choices over decisions. With choices there are always other options.

A decision is about what you will say "no" to. To decide is to eliminate, and kill off all other possibilities.
Holy crap I never thought about it that way, but that totally sums up why I have so much trouble making up my mind sometimes. When it was time for me to decide (choose?) whether to go to grad school or look for a job, I kept going back and forth and had the worst time of it. Looking back, I didn't have two things to choose between, I just had one decision to make - grad school: yes or no? "No" meant I was leaving myself completely flapping in the wind, with no local job prospects in my field and nothing really to do with my life. I ended up going to grad school, and I'm really glad I did because over the summer I'd forgotten how much I love academia. But it's exactly that "closing doors" part that made it so difficult.

Whenever I have at least two things to choose between, I can compare pros and cons of each option. But whenever I just have to decide whether or not to do something, I always struggle.
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