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Valentine's Anecdote...

So I got home from school yesterday, husband was already home from his work trip, gabbing on the phone because that's what he loves to do. When he finally gets off, he's like "So, you said not to get you anything for Valentine's, right?" Me: "Yeah." Him: "K. Cuz I didn't." Me: "Uhh, ok. So?" Him: "Well, I told that to Rae [his daughter] and she said 'It's a test! You'd better get her something, Dad!' but I was pretty sure you said not to, so I didn't." Me: "Yeah, that's fine." Him: "Ok good. Because you SAID don't get you anything, so I didn't."

Poor guy. Are some women really like that? Yech. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Men have a hard enough figuring out the female brain without adding all those bullshit complications.
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