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Ho boy has my life been boring and "interesting" in alternating spurts.

So about a month ago I get fluid build up in my ear. It turns into a middle ear infection but doesn't really hurt. What it does do is damage the workings of my ear and, even after the infection was gone, made me mostly deaf in my left side. Seeing as all my senses are pretty sharp it was very disconcerting to have a side people could sneak up on. Thankfully about a week or so ago my hearing in that ear returned to almost normal.

Other then that, it's been assorted craziness with my friends and work. What's supposed to be the slow time at work has been anything but. Orders keep coming in and we keep working OT to try and get them out the door.

I'm looking forward to, hopefully, getting a month or two of relative stillness in my life.

Well okay, a new romance might be nice. But other then that!
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