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Hi Ute,

I have now answered your longer post which you re-posted in the Fireplace board. You can find my response at:

Long story short, I would that theists and atheists could live together harmoniously, just as I would that monogamists and polyamorists could live together harmoniously. As for freewill, one must believe in a soul to believe in freewill. Since I doubt the existence of a soul, there you have it.

There are essentially three parts to religious/spiritual beliefs:
  • belief in God/s,
  • belief in a soul,
  • belief in an afterlife.
I have 3% or less belief in all three of those things, so although I technically could call myself an agnostic (as 3% is not 0%), I figure "atheist" is the least misleading term.

Anyway, you can read my longer post in the Fireplace board.

Kevin T.
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