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Well, so Monday was sitting in the NRE (that's Nuclear and Radiogical Engineering NRE for you guys XD) computer lab, and he usually hangs out there a lot and we were being awkward an eventually I kinda just threw the letter in his direction and than ran out and hid for a little bit, and then came back later. When I came back he had retreated to his grad student office-y room thingy, and when I reentered the computer lab his two friends stared at me for a moment, so I shyly went back to my seat and tried to hide again. Then maybe 8 minutes pass and he comes back in, walks over to me and leaves a note on my laptop, and then walks back to where his friends was and resumes studying (they had an exam on Wenesday).
So, I wait a moment, brace myself, and then pick up the letter and read it.'s perhaps the most adorable thing I've ever read. He said in it that he'd had a crush on me for most of while he'd been at the school (it's his first year here) and that he'd been meaning to talk to me about it, and thanked me for writing him a letter so he didn't have to make a stumbling confession, and then left me all his contact information, and then we texted each other while in the same room arranging to meet later that day to talk about stuff.

so then, once everyone else had left ( it was 7 at this point) we went and were walking around the campus a bit talking about random stuff, because we are both shy, haha. Then we sat down on one of the benches off in the corner and talked about actual serious stuff for the last 40 minutes, haha. He's gone out of town from yesterday till Tuesday though for a ski trip, but he said when he got back we could go on a date

So yay!!
Accidentally Poly and loving it~! <3
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