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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
I would prefer that my floor never require mopping... doesn't mean I have any reasonable expectation that it's going to happen.
lol! love this.

i did mention years of ups and downs. it was lopsided for many years, and we have come to the understanding of that....basically he heard me for the first time after 9 or so years of me asking why it was fair? it wasn't. i also am somewhat to blame as i did small forays into looking and then gave up and hid behind the title for years. i went through a few years of being the babysitter. now that my girls are 13 and 12, i don't have to be the one to stay home anymore.

thanks for the advise on where to post if i am looking for a "hookup"... i am experiencing some interesting reactions to my being on the big media site and changing my status to open relationship. waiting to see where this part of the road takes me.
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