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I kinda have to go with WH here. So many people are miserable and single and today just reminds them how single they are. Both of your guys have you in their lives. Sure, they would both like that to look a little differently... but all things considered, they're not doing too bad.

There are a number of bars in my city having anti-Valentines parties.

Really, it's just another day. You said it first: it's a Hallmark Holiday. People celebrate their love 365 days a year. But today, they celebrate it with cards and candy.

I specifically told both my partners that I didn't want to do anything special this year - no cards, presents, dinners, or anything. On a whim this morning, I did send them a "Happy Valentine's Day" text. I copied the same message from one and forwarded it to the other, that's how much of a big deal I made about it :P

It could be worse. My husband is spending the day flying from Prince George to Edmonton, via Vancouver, and then driving the rest of the way to Saskatoon. My girlfriend is working late and then has to get ready for her drag show this weekend. So no big romance on my front either. But so what? We celebrate our love every time we get together. Hallmark can go fuck itself :P
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