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Why is it that if you're proud of what you are, and what you are happens to be the minority, then you you have [_____] Pride? But if you're proud of what you are, and what you are happens to be the majority, then you're prejudiced, racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic, etc?

There's a difference between being proud of what you are and wanting to be keep being what you are, and being prejudiced and discriminatory against people who are different. I do not want to be a man, but that doesn't mean I have anything against men. It just means I like being a woman.

I think it's ignorant of black people to use the word "nigger" and homosexuals to use the word "fag" and disabled people to use the word "cripple" and not expect people to follow suit. Using a word tells people that the word is acceptable.

I've always hated when parents call swears "Grown-up words," as if they're any less crass or vulgar just because the person using it actually should know better. Every parent knows: if you don't want your kids to swear, don't swear around your kids. The same rule to minorities: if you don't want other people to use discriminatory language, don't fucking use discriminatory language around other people. Think of strangers as kids. For all you know, BoringGuy has autism and he uses cues from other people to define acceptable social behaviour.

Either a word is OK, or it's not OK. It can't be OK for some people but not others. What do we call it when one person is allowed to do something and other people are not? DISCRIMINATION.

I stay away from words like fag, nigger, and cripple, because not every black person, homosexual, or disabled person approves of their use, and I'm none of those. You should be aware that even if you are disabled, another disabled person could still find that term incredibly offensive. The fact that you have the same disability won't make them feel any less offended than you feel when enabled people use it. When I use the word "cunt," I know full-well that lots of women will be right offended, I just don't care. So if you don't care that other disabled people will be offended when you use the word "cripple," go ahead and keep on using it. Just remember that doing so surrenders your right to be offended by it.
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