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Originally Posted by NovemberRain View Post
As I was reading your original post, I kept thinking 'monogamy is a perfectly valid choice.' You're not a 'failure' if you don't like polyamory. It's okay!


Do you have anything to lose by seeking a mono relationship with a guy who cares more for you?
Thanks, I know that it's ok to be monogamous, I'm not one of those people who slams it at all

What I have to lose by seeking a mono relationship is the option to see more than one person. I like having that option for myself, but apparently when the other person gets to see other people, I go kinda haywire.

I know people who are in mono-poly relationships, which sounds like a nice idea, but I feel like it's hard to find someone who would say "you want to sleep with other people? That's great, I don't want to, but you can." Especially when you also want the option of dating other males or dating other females (depending on the gender of that "primary" person). Meaning there are lots of males who say "You can date other women, but you can't date other men" and I find that silly.
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