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As I was reading your original post, I kept thinking 'monogamy is a perfectly valid choice.' You're not a 'failure' if you don't like polyamory. It's okay!

Originally Posted by polyconundrum View Post
Thanks for your input. I feel like I shouldn't have to use a relationship or want a relationship just to feel better about myself.
That seems quite a leap to me; I didn't read what TN said as you need to use a relationship to feel better about yourself. You've also pointed out that you were fine being 2 years single.

I don't think it's about using; I think the point is you'll be happier without poly.

Originally Posted by polyconundrum View Post
..., it's a lot of external stuff that I'm not happy with (work being one, and yes, the struggles in the relationship, though the relationship I have with my partner is fine if you take away the problems with him seeing someone else).
And yet you opened with you never had a good relationship. And also that you care more for him than he for you.

Do you have anything to lose by seeking a mono relationship with a guy who cares more for you?
Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own...
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