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Hmmm. Could be a technical glitch. Check the Moderators and administrators page as someone there may know what happened. Did you get an infraction message?

Try starting a new thread, perhaps on the Fireplace board. That way you don't have to worry so much about what the subject is. You could post a link (on this thread) to that new thread.

I suspect it was a technical glitch of some kind. I know it's a little late to say this, but I personally suggest saving all of your posts before you post them. I always use Notepad to create a text file, then copy/paste off the text file, and if something goes wrong, I can re-open that file and retrieve the lost text.

I am happy to answer any of your questions about my beliefs or what have you, but let's take it to the Fireplace just to be on the safe side.

Sorry your epic post got deleted. I hope we can converse more.
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