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Originally Posted by StudentofLife View Post
It's kind of humbling, in a way. The first time I read the articles he had written I realized that my initial assumptions were so off-base, so selfish and unrealistic I was truly ashamed of myself. So much of it is basic common sense, human decency, respect for others, etc. All things I would have thought I had a grip on at my age, and yet I was so lost in self-serving delusions I should have been slapped with an old fish to bring me back to reality.

Now when Pidge and I discuss the mythical Toilet Seat Guy, we try to imagine his feelings, needs, wants, and rights as much as our own, just to make sure we're in the habit of trying to not be jerks. I'm sure we will have our jerkish moments anyway, but that site is both a great learning tool, and a reminder that we are not special, or above anyone else in terms of relationships.
Agreed. Toilet Seat Guy...might want to have another name if you ever actually meet him in real life.
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