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Ahhh yes that would have been fun...bop bop bop LOL

Well in all fairness I had plenty of liquid courage. I think in a normal state of mind I would have been to busy thinking about it to actually kiss her back so I guess for once Tequila worked in my favor

The blog is really to help me get a little more insight into things. When I write I look at things from all angles, try to get into the heads of the people I'm writing about instead of my own doubt filled mind. I still struggle, I'm not going to lie. I've never been a jealous person and yet from time to time I find myself being that way. The good news or at least I think it's good news is that I'm not just jealous or insecure when it comes to Nails, I'm the same way with Giggles. It's harder for me to flirt with her sometimes cause it's just been a really long time since I've done that with anyone but my husband and yet he falls into it so easily. Well d'uh he's a guy and he flirts constantly with women. Me it's just new and I feel awkward sometimes and so does she so we both throw each other out of whack. Thing is she and I are both willing to work out the kinks so this works.
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