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Originally Posted by nondy2 View Post
... and many people here are abled....
That, I believe, lies at the root of your troubles here. You assume that everybody else here is "abled" and you're the only person who can speak to experience with disabilities and that you can speak for all folks with disabilities. That's a problem.

That's a problem because you have no idea how many folks who show up here have some form of disability. Some may indicate that they do, others will not.

My experience when reading your posts is the same as when I met a woman in a wheelchair who claimed that the only acceptable term to use is "differently-abled." I have to wonder why in hell anybody would presume to speak on behalf of a whole lot of people they don't know, many of whom are known to disagree.

That assumption you seem to have made is inherently inaccurate and simply rude. It would be good to remember that your movement, much as it likes to think that it does, does not speak for everybody with disabilities. It's the same as the varied groups in the men's movement don't speak for all men and the same as one variety of feminist group doesn't speak for all feminists or women.
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