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the fact that you are not bisexual and that he is not "interested in you" (which i hope only means in the sexual sense?) does not, to me, tell me anything about the possibility of love between you two. that's because i value platonic love, ie love between friends/non-sexual love at least as highly as love between sexual partners.

however this does sound like a difficult or perhaps i should say challenging situation and i hope you find a way through it as you sound like a very caring person.

would it not also affect your love's happiness if she knew that you were not happy? if she values your happiness as much as you do hers, then i have faith that the two of you will find a way through this, either with or without him (or any other lover).

it will probably/certainly involve a whole lot of thought, reflection, talking, sharing, with big doses of honesty, love and tact, but it can be done.

all the very best, x

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