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TGIB also has self-esteem issues, and I've also had times this year of wondering if I'm reaching my breaking point, so we've devised a plan to try. Because counseling is not really an option for TGIB (due to money, distance, and other circumstances) we are going to try a book that has been recommend both here and by a behavioral therapist I know, "10 Days to Self-Esteem". In order to help support his efforts, this is something he and I are BOTH going to read (we'll each have a copy). Our hope is that this will help keep him accountable to actually DO the reading and exercises and he'll have someone to talk to about what he's going through that has some idea of what's going on. So that may be something to think about. For myself, when I struggle with depression, it helps me a LOT, so much more than just talking, if MC does things WITH me, rather than just taking on for himself the things that I have not gotten around to. Exercising WITH MC or TGIB, cooking dinner or cleaning WITH one of them makes it so much more likely that I will accomplish what I need to.

One thing to be careful of if you go the book route, though: the behavioral therapist cautioned me that, unless this is ALL you're doing all day, 10 days isn't really realistic. As part of an average busy life, 10 weeks might be more appropriate. Or somewhere in between. So the book is a tool, but not a "Bible" of answers. Use in the time frame and method that seems to work best or make the most sense for the two of you.
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