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AnnabelMore wrote:

What about twice a month? Once a month? Every couple of months? Once a year? Never?

At what point does the sex reach a threshold that's low enough that it's no longer recognizable as more than a friendship? Is there such a point?
InsaneMystic wrote:

I think that "mixed" 'ships between asexuals and sexuals are infinitely easier to make work on a poly basis than if you'd struggle with a monogamous model, which is all too often going to end up as the rock-and-a-hard-place decision between either "charity sex", or involuntary celibacy for the sexual.
My experience has been that relationship can be defined differently, even between the two people theoretically having it. With my last relationship before Pidge, after 5 years of involuntary celibacy on my part, I thought of myself as his former girlfriend/current health aide. He was still thinking of, and describing us to others as a romantic couple. If he had been the type of man for whom a poly relationship might have worked, perhaps things would be different. But in my book, one person calling it a relationship doesn't make it so, if the other person defines it differently.

This is a fascinating conversation. I hope you all keep going, it's thought-provoking.
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