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Originally Posted by InsaneMystic View Post
@ Cleo... does Knight identify as asexual? You definitely made me wonder there, because there a number of parallels between your story and my 'ship with R..

Not really. He likes to talk about sex an awful lot, although I realize that doesn't mean anything when it comes to putting your words into action.
It's just that he has VERY specific kinks and preferences and fetishes. He's told me about some, but not all. And even with the few things he told me it seemed to me that the circumstances would never ever line up to the point where he could have sex with me. Another thing is that he definitely feels guilty towards his GF (who knows about me, but doesn't like that he sees me, even if we only meet for drinks - I guess she realizes, too, that we're not just friends even though it's not clear what we actually are).

nycindie, opalescent - if he were a partner I saw regularly, who was more a part of my life, I dont think I could handle it, because I still am very attracted to him and the fact that he doesn't want to have sex with me does, every time, feel like rejection. But once every 2 months I can handle that, and I enjoy the things that are good between us.
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