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@ Cleo... does Knight identify as asexual? You definitely made me wonder there, because there a number of parallels between your story and my 'ship with R..

As for the frustration of sexless 'ships... well, I obviously can't relate to that, seeing as sex isn't on my wish list at all. Just saying that one of the advantages about polyamory is that I can fully "outsource" the sex, so to speak - her sexuality being an area of a partner's life that she's free to share with others, so I don't have to feel guilty about "never putting out".

I think that "mixed" 'ships between asexuals and sexuals are infinitely easier to make work on a poly basis than if you'd struggle with a monogamous model, which is all too often going to end up as the rock-and-a-hard-place decision between either "charity sex", or involuntary celibacy for the sexual.
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