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Default introductions....ooops

when i first joined a few days ago, i posted my intro in the wrong area. i decided to copy the info to the actual place that i wanted it to be...

post 1:
name is jen, and my partner of 15 years kc and i are deep into the open relationship, we just haven't branched out much. he is happy with his two girls, but i am finding it difficult to find like minded people who interest me. i am 42, bi and am interested in meeting someone interested in a secondary relationship, i have found my primary.

Post 2:
ok, so persons wish to have more information in my introduction. i will try to oblige. we are jen and kc, partners for 17 years and in an open relationship for 12. we started as a monogamous couple, then kc introduced the idea of an open relationship. he is more social, more open and has been able to find 2 long term girlfriends that he is happy with. jen (i) on the other hand, is not so open, is not so sharing and has not been "out" there looking for someone actively. i am interested in finding people who have the same mindset so that, if i become friendly with someone, i can find my "other".

kc would prefer i start with a woman, as he has never had to experience the jealousy of having to share with another man, but i cannot dictate who will interest me, nor should i have to limit myself if we are truly open. i just would like to meet more people than the few that i know that are into poly relationships so that i have a wider base to "choose" from. we need to find someone who is understanding of the lifestyle and is not looking for their primary relationship in me, unless they wish to be a second primary. kc and i have 2 teenaged girls and that relationship remains my core, and he is involved in my "other" choices. if he doesn't get along with my other, the relationship won't work.

we have had many ups and downs to get to this point. this life is not an easy choice. i have not felt comfortable, until recently, with coming out as pansexual and as poly to the general public. i am a very private person. we have a small group of poly friends and i have read all that i can get my hands on. but it is time to get out of the classroom, and out into life. i am happy that i found this forum, and hope that i can gain insight and give my own view on this life venture....
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