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I have what I think could be described as a non-sexual boyfriend. I call him Knight and I wrote about him on my blog here

It didn't really start out non-sexual (we used to kiss and make out a little and he turned me on, a lot) He has a lot of issues regarding sex and it became pretty clear pretty fast that we would not have a 'normal' sexual relationship. We slept in the same bed a number of times, the first couple of times it was enormously frustrating because I was so turned on by him and he would never do more than cuddle me and hold me and kiss me (if I was lucky).

We are still what I would call 'dating', although we no lnger spend the night together we talk about this sometimes as a possbility for the future. We meet about once every 2 months for drinks. Very, very occasionally we kiss. We often touch, he holds my hand, I ruffle his hair. I think if someone who doesn't know us saw us in a bar, they would think we are very much in love, the way we talk so intensely and stare in each others eyes, and that we are probably going home and have amazing sex

So I guess that answers the 'what's different between this and a regular friendship' part ?It feels very diffferent to me - I love him with a different kind of love, he's not my friend, he doesn't mix in my social life, we don't meet or connect in between dates. When we meet it's very intense and emotional. It hasn't always felt like a healthy relationship to me and I did break it off a couple of times, but now that I have learned to accept the boundaries, I can anjoy the possibilities.
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