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The spelling?

I've basically reached a point where I think partnership/relationship is pretty much an empty label, to be filled with whatever the partners in question decide for their unique situation. That may or may not include sex, may or may not include romance... may or may not include a thousand other things.

Partnership == that thing two (or more) people have who call each other "partners". That's the best objective definition I can give.

I wouldn't mind overly much if peeps called what I have with R. a friendship - because, at its core, that's what we are first and foremost, each other's best friend. There's some kind of very hard to define "extra" energy between us, a special place in each other's lives, that made us arrive at calling it a partnership (and, in fact, joke about how if we were more "conventional" folks, we'd be pretty likely to end up married to each other )... even when that "extra" isn't sexual, and doesn't fit all too neatly into stereotypically romantic categories, either.
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