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Originally Posted by ManofDiscovery View Post
I'm sure most people here will roll their eyes and say 'shit yeah, that stuff is obvious'...but it's really solid grounding stuff for me.

That's an interesting generalization. The website you're referring to, morethantwo, is one of the most recommended websites here. Many people here have read it, gotten a great deal from it, and think it's wonderfully helpful. It's one of the first things usually offered to someone who comes here asking how to deal better with jealousy or wanting to talk about working through feelings of jealousy.

I believe that was even addressed previously, MoD (unless I'm confusing you with someone else, in which case I apologize), that this forum's reaction to someone asking for help dealing with jealousy is likely to be much different than the reaction to someone saying that jealousy shouldn't exist in a successful poly relationship.

ETA: Sorry to go on a tangent, but the negativity out of nowhere took me aback somewhat.
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