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Originally Posted by princess View Post
. . . now she isnt intimate with me, its always w/him so im feeling akward... im with her not with him and he wont allow her n me to be by ourselves or have time for us... last time i stayed @ her house i felt i shouldnt there... i asked her if she wanted i would just sleep over my friends house from now on & she denied the request... i dont know what to do... her man has made it clear that everything has to be done together... even intimacy but i dont want him like that... naybe with time i can but im not with him....
Are you saying he is demanding that you have sex with him if you want to have sex with her? Is he forcing you to have sex with him?

If that is the situation, GET OUT NOW!!! You have a choice - it is YOUR BODY. He doesn't have a right to fuck you, or do anything sexual with you at all, if you don't want him to! That is abuse! That is rape. DO NOT go back there, and break it off with her. If she is allowing her husband to take advantage of you in that horrible way, she doesn't deserve your time and energy. Stand up for yourself, for goodness sakes!
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