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Default Doll budget runs dry

Originally Posted by ManofDiscovery View Post
I'm not sure my budget would stretch to a life sized doll from Japan. But thanks for the tip off anyway, Ducky.

I worked through quite a few jealousy issues just being in that situation. But I'm sure I would still have some work to do. You don't know until you out yourself in that position.

Suppose you and/or The Pidge wanted another female partner. Is that forbidden? And how would potential jealousy work then?
You're the second person to ask me that. Since we have both decided for ourselves it's not something we're interested in, I haven't given it as much thought. But we're not forbidding anything to each other. I think it would be harder to accept, but the main thing always is that she be treated well, as you can understand.

Hey, doesn't this site have a UK section in the trying to meet people section? Have you checked that out?
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