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Originally Posted by StudentofLife View Post
You can totally call me Ducky.

So, if I can ask, how realistic does it seem that you could handle your jealousy differently, if you were in an open relationship in the future? I mean, does it feel to you like something you can learn and then do?

I think in a way the Pidge and I will have it easier, because it's a given that any man she dates will be a better man than I.

I think Japan sells some life-sized dolls, but you're on your own doing the internet search for that! My computer would burst into flames.
I'm not sure my budget would stretch to a life sized doll from Japan. But thanks for the tip off anyway, Ducky.

I worked through quite a few jealousy issues just being in that situation. But I'm sure I would still have some work to do. You don't know until you out yourself in that position.

Suppose you and/or The Pidge wanted another female partner. Is that forbidden? And how would potential jealousy work then?
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