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Originally Posted by StudentofLife View Post
Well...they weren't life sized. Maybe I should have mentioned that up front, in case you were imagining...Never mind. We probably shouldn't dwell on what you might be thinking of doing with dolls.

I'm glad you like the site! He has so much of value to say. His was one of the first sites I found when trying to learn. Let me know what you find especially interesting, maybe we can chat about it.

Quack!! Quack!!
Haha...I will have to start calling you Ducky.

I haven't read the whole site by any means, but have covered a lot more. I read the stuff on jealousy - both the theory and practice, and it made a lot of sense.

I remember my last girlfriend, when we first met, she told me how she had an affair with her boss who she still works with about 6 months previously. I suddenly felt really really jealous and angry. At the time, I was shocked, because I've never been particularly jealous before.

Those pages really helped me to understand what was going on in my head. Mainly the fear of competition, that this other man might be 'better' than me. That I'm having to compete against the managing director of a big company, someone who swans suavely around the office, issuing out instructions and generally being smooth. These are the images that you find running through your mind.

All pretty ridiculous stuff, which makes it all the more surprising when it happens from nowhere.

Swans and ducks in one single post. This is turning into my local pond.

PS Disappointed about your doll revelation. I was very excited for a second.
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