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Default We need a British Doll

Originally Posted by ManofDiscovery View Post
Haha...your international dolls sound awesome. They would certainly tide me over for a while if nothing else

I have just started looking at that site you posted, and I'm very interested. First page I'm looking at right now is the 'dos and don'ts', and that in itself is some really solid stuff, and I've only read half of it so far.

I'm sure most people here will roll their eyes and say 'shit yeah, that stuff is obvious'...but it's really solid grounding stuff for me.

Well...they weren't life sized. Maybe I should have mentioned that up front, in case you were imagining...Never mind. We probably shouldn't dwell on what you might be thinking of doing with dolls.

I'm glad you like the site! He has so much of value to say. His was one of the first sites I found when trying to learn. Let me know what you find especially interesting, maybe we can chat about it.

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