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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
My conclusion is that these people are extroverts who need social contact in order to engage their brains. I don't. I am an introvert. My workplace is an escape from my personal life. My brain is engaged with my job, the clients that come in, and my own private thoughts. I don't need to share what is going on in my head with people I work with. Being asked about my personal life at work, even if it's seemingly unimportant stuff like whether I brought my shoes to the shoemaker, what kind of apartment I live in, or where I went for lunch, feels INVASIVE. I want to scream sometimes, "Why do you care what my schedule is!!! Why should I tell you what I ate for lunch or what I am making for dinner tonight? Why can't you leave me alone???" But I can't. I have to smile and answer questions so they don't think I'm a complete bitch.
I swing both ways sometimes. Most the time, I'm an introvert, until I get comfortable with people - then it's hard to shut me up. However, I've had to work on my introvert tendencies as it can come across (and has at times) as being grumpy, snobbish, angry, etc. To those people that ask those questions, that's there way of letting you know you are valued (even if you don't see it that way) and they just want to be friendly. I tend to take it as a clue as to how they want to be treated.

If someone took the risk of revealing that they had been eavesdropping or talking with others about you, I would suspect that what they really want is to just be your friend.
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