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StudentofLife: My head was all over the place but I'll touch more on that in my next post. It was a lot to take in once the reality of it settled in. Giggles is amazing. I have a lot of trust issues with women and through this I haven't always been nice to her but she hasn't really turned on me like I kept expecting her to in the beginning.

As for Poison, she was always rather snarky. I know that when they were hanging out before I guess she ran all over town telling everyone she had Nails under her thumb and all he had to do was snap her fingers and he'd leave his family for her. As for her being at the bar well I can only go by what Nails told me and the few text messages he showed me between them from that night.

The bar was far from us but I guess close to where she had moved. I had thought before Nails and I talked that she was still in another state and was probably just here to see her family and let her kid see his dad. I guess her ex-mom in law's house (where she was living) was within walking distance of the bar or something.

Anyway, they had posters up at the bar that Nails' band was playing and she saw it. She had sent him a text earlier in the week, he says, asking about it. He says he stated firmly that I was going to be there and it would not be wise for her to show up. I guess she thought she'd show anyway and ruffle some feathers. Nails says he didn't see her when he first got to the bar, so he went through the first set unaware.

He said she came up to him as soon as the set ended and was asking for a hug and asking why he was ignoring her. Nails said he was shocked and then angry and told her "This is not cool, Poison! This is not f'in cool at ALL!" and then walked away from her. I think the smirk to me was pretty much a "ha ha bitch what cha gonna do about it" sorta thing. She wanted me upset and at first she got it.

She sent him a couple texts through the night like "Stop ignoring me", "I don't care what she thinks", and "Play Poison!" (no really LOL) He sent her one text message. "Leave me alone. You f'd up when I tried to be your friend! I've told you before 'sortafairytale' is my priority and when you screw with her you screw with me so stay away!" He says she hasn't tried to contact him since and they've played the bar a couple times and she's not shown.

She did rear her nasty little head through a friend of hers at the bar though saying something along the lines that if she knew all she had to do was sleep with me to have him she would have done it years ago. Yeah she's a special one! (that statement is just oozzzzzing with sarcasm.)
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