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Originally Posted by StudentofLife View Post
In the future, I will be more diligent about searching the tags before I post a new thread. It's good to know that old threads coming back up are a good thing.
You're very kind to take the time to help me with this.
MOst forums have recurring topics as "sticky" threads, but there are so many popular topics on here that if they were all sticky they would fill up the whole first page even when there are no new posts in them. So, most of these can be found here, but there is a link to this at the top of each subforum called "Moved: Links to other threads worth reading".

I think I've observed that many people who join the forum and hang around for general discussions (as opposed to getting advice for their problem and leaving), tend to behave as if all this is new to them, so it must be new to everyone else, too, and in their eagerness to participate, and nnot seeing the topic they are interested in on the first or second page, assume that no one has ever brought up the topic yet.

Also - there is a difference between tag searches and "regular" searches. Tags are part of a clickable cloud of key words that pull up threads that people have "tagged" at the bottom. Tag searches do not search for a term or keyword in the title or body of the message. "Regular" searches are for seaarching posts and/or threads for specific character strings. These can be narrowed using other fields in the "Advanced Search" dialogue.

Go ahead and play around with these tools. LOok up in the blue bar with the white writing, third from the right, btwn Quick LInks and New posts. Try out different ways of searching for what you want. Don't assume that just because you tried it one way and didn't find something useful, that you won't find it by searching another way. You will not get in trouble nor will you break the website.
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