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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post

I see nothing wrong with only wanting to hear from people new to poly (or do you mean new to being a member of this forum?). It's not a problem at all to want to hear from a certain demographic.

I so appreciate your help in clarifying this! I meant those members new to poly relationships, as my girlfriend and I are. It's very helpful to know that it's okay to ask questions of only a certain segment of the members in the same position as ourselves.

Oh, I don't know about that. People change and evolve and grow all the time...(trimmed) We are never the same people we once were, and will never be the same person we are now.
That is so true, and beautifully stated. I've enjoyed reading your blog, by the way, you are a excellent writer, and your big city life is fascinating and exciting to read about.

I only provided links to existing threads to let you know that similar topics were here if you wished to read more. It is always helpful to do a search before posting, and we love it when old threads get resurrected.
In the future, I will be more diligent about searching the tags before I post a new thread. It's good to know that old threads coming back up are a good thing.
You're very kind to take the time to help me with this.
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